Weaver of lies…. 

Artful lies,  Well planned replies.  Improvising whenever I asked for why’s.  Trusting it all, being a fool for all.  You just asked and I gave it all.  So here I am, in midst of the jungle.  Weaved day-by-day by you.   Oh, there you are, again,  Acting like you care Because you still have got […]


There’s a story behind every eyes,you will never know.  Some hide it with tears and some with happiness.  There’s that story which changed them forever.  Whatever they say, will contain a bit of what happened.  But you will never be able to know because they are all just beautiful weavers. 


She bled every month, enduring the pain from the age of 12 still she managed to show up and look her best,  Yet she was termed weak.  She scored as much as any boy in her class and sometimes even more,  Yet she wasn’t allowed to study any further. You never sought for her permission,  […]

That’s how it all began… 

Pulled out my farewell shirt,  full of numbers and wishes from now strangers.  In hope to get acquaintance once again  I dialed my then best friend’s number.  Someone picked up the call, and I soon discovered that it wasn’t her.  She changed her number.  But it was a lazy afternoon and I didn’t had anything […]

I wonder…. 

Soaring higher and higher in the sky,  I wonder what birds would think.  Since they have the freedom we all would dream.  Do they yearn for a permanent dwelling ignoring the worth of this freedom bestowed on them, like us humans?  Now when I wonder , I don’t think they ever want to be humans […]