I wonder…. 

Soaring higher and higher in the sky, 

I wonder what birds would think. 

Since they have the freedom we all would dream. 
Do they yearn for a permanent dwelling ignoring the worth of this freedom bestowed on them, like us humans? 
Now when I wonder , I don’t think they ever want to be humans like we wish to be birds,

Because their tiny little eyes have seen far too much.

They have heard the scream of a poor girl, crying out for help against the demons surrounding her at all times. 

They have witnessed the tears of parents eagerly waiting for their kids in the old age home and then finally giving up the hope on the death bed. 

Crime scenes are something which they have seen far too much, but these little bodies still couldn’t do much. 

So now I know that the only thing they wish is to be never given a form of us. 


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