My road to success….. 

In case anyone asks                                     Tell them I left early,                                         For my road to success. 

The first sign board read “Hardwork”. 

Initially I had companions, but as we went deeper in the forest.                                     They all gave up and settled in the hotel near by. 

It was indeed a long road with rocks crashing by. 

But as we helped each other we went by. 

Now we all were full of fatigue. 

But I knew I cannot give up without having to try. 
Finally I came across another sign board which read discipline. 

It was a difficult one with a lot of trials. 

I had to give up my friends.                       But made new one as I passed by. 

Soon I could feel the change in my surroundings.                                                  As everything was getting replaced with something better. 

Initially this change was too much for me,so decided to rest on the road close by. 

I thought I should catch up with my parents, the only ones whose replacement couldn’t be found. 
But soon I gathered myself because I still had miles to cover. 

Now the road was even more uneven but the perfect balance helped me cross. 
I somehow managed to get myself out of a gutter which was unexpectedly right in the middle. 
Now was one of the most difficult thing to do:- to make a decision. 

There were two roads diverging into two different directions, and the sign road in the middle, read “Choose your way”. 
I couldn’t decide which one to choose since both seemed to be equally exciting but had a completely different outcomes. 
I chose to trust my gut feeling, and started walking towards the road on right side. 
This road too wasn’t easy but I didn’t faced much difficulties since now I had gained experience from the previous ones. 

But I couldn’t help but think what did the other road had to offer. 
Soon I reached my destination, tired but satisfied and now all who stand beside me are those who really care for me, fake ones left way early. 


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