Hoping that you would read…. 

Dear future husband, 

I have been saving every inch of my love for you so that I can shower it all on you. My love is only for you and you alone, I won’t even let anyone have a look at it. 

I just hope you haven’t given the love I deserve to anyone else and you are patiently waiting for me like I am. 
I want to be your support system, I always want you to know that no matter what I will always be there by your side. I will trust you even when nobody else does. 

I will lay my head over your chest whenever I am going through hardships as you are going to be my source of strength. 
I am tired of acting all strong now, I will cry like a baby on your shoulder whenever I feel like and you will have to surprise me with chocolates to console me. 
I will just never let you go, once I find you.

I want to be with you till eternity and even beyond if anything exists after that. 

We will build a beautiful family together. 

There’s soo much I have planned for us, so you better come fast in my life. 
                                     Very sincerely yours,

                                      Your future wife. 


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