She is enough. 

​She is not lonely  But she wants someone to unwind with  She is strong  But she wants someone to cry with She is brave  But she wants someone to understand her fears She is everything  But she wants to give her everything to someone  We all need someone to understand what we hide from the […]

I need you to heal me. 

When I look into your eyes,  I can finally see my dreams becoming a reality.  You filling the void which I always saved for my someone special.  But when will you realise that I can fill the void in you.  These mixed signals have led to chaos in my heart and if the warmth of […]


Finally the baby was born.  But doctor termed her ‘Special’, mother sighed.  But soon she gathered herself because now she has to be her eyes.  That day the world welcomed one more ‘Special’ person, the mother who became deaf to the taunts of the society.  Mother’s heart is a piece of pure gold from god’s […]

Its time to think…

​Reveal the thoughts going on in your mind.  Reveal what’s yours and mine.  Share the truth you hide behind.  False hopes don’t satisfy anymore.  This one sided love yearns for more.  So its time for me to move on, Accept the reality and crush you down. 

Remember me? 

​Who all will remember me when I am away and gone? Who all will remember me when I am nowhere to be found? False Promises are now so much in fashion,  but who is the one who will not belong to that lawn. Who all will top the race of finding my replacement and for […]

Dreams we all live for… 

This world is soo beautiful yet soo diverse.  Here I worship a cow and there it satisfies your hunger.  Here I wear white at a funeral and there you look beautiful in a white gown at your wedding.  Soo unique.  Lucky are those who see it all, who get to capture these beautiful diverse things […]