She bled every month, enduring the pain from the age of 12 still she managed to show up and look her best, 

Yet she was termed weak. 
She scored as much as any boy in her class and sometimes even more, 

Yet she wasn’t allowed to study any further.
You never sought for her permission, 

Yet she was obliged to have your permission which was always considered supreme. 
She single-handedly did all the house chores and also took care of the child, 

Yet she was never given the title of the head of the house. 
She too could have assaulted that boy whom she found really charming,

But instead she expressed her feelings to him and on getting rejected moved on. 
You killed her because you didn’t wanted to pay for her dowry and not for a moment you thought that why does she need a dowry, isn’t she herself enough that you still need to add a price tag to it. Anyway, she even could have earned that for her herself. 
Today, irony laughs at you when you get a call from her everyday while you haven’t heard a single word from your son from last 10 years. 


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