That’s how it all began… 

Pulled out my farewell shirt, 

full of numbers and wishes from now strangers. 

In hope to get acquaintance once again 

I dialed my then best friend’s number. 

Someone picked up the call, and I soon discovered that it wasn’t her. 

She changed her number. 

But it was a lazy afternoon and I didn’t had anything much to do. 

So I dialed his number, he was my classmates and I clearly remember we were not on good terms. 

But still I gave it a try. 

He picked up the call and for a second I blacked out, I just didn’t knew what to say. 

So I disconnected the call. 

But technology came to my rescue, I got a call from him after an hour or so. 

I picked up the call and he said “Am I talking to Simran from Frank Anthony?”, for a minute I went into a bit of shock that how did he knew that and I replied “Yes, that’s me.But how do you know that”. 

He then replied “Oh, I actually got a call from this number few minutes back, so I tried checking this number on truecaller. It displayed Simran Kaur , so I don’t know why but you crossed my mind. But see  I was right, not many people have this unusual name you see. ” and we both bursted into laughter. 

That day we talked a bit about what we were upto in life and what all we planned to do next. The call lasted few minutes and then he had to go somewhere so we said goodbye. 
After about two months or so, I got a whatsapp message from him saying “nic dp”, (dp = display picture) at about 12:00 in the morning. Now that’s usually my free time, after a tiring day at work and fortunately so was his. 

That day we talked till 5 in the morning about almost everything, for the first time in my life I have been so open to someone. 

I don’t know about him but atleast I felt I could even tell him my darkest secrets, we vibed soo much. 

At 5, my phone battery died but I still wanted to talk to him, so there I was, searching for a mobile charger literally like a mad person, running from one room to another. After few minutes of struggle I finally found it and the first thing I did after putting it on charging was to check his msg. 

But the moment I read his message I was kind of heartbroken because he thought I wasn’t replying because I went off to sleep and so he messaged “I didn’t knew that I was soo boring that it made u fall asleep (with a laughing emoji)”.  Then too I didn’t lose hope and messaged him explaining what actually happened and spent last half an hour glazing at my mobile screen in a hope that he would message me back. 

But I soon gave up, after a moment of thinking a bit practically that it is 5:45 in the morning, and here I am waiting for a message knowing that I have a hectic day at work waiting for me.  

Again the same thing happened the other night, but this time we talked till 9:00 in the morning, when the alarm snoozed and I realized that it was time for me to get ready for office.

Expecting the same thing to happen, I impatiently waited for his msg the other night too. After some time, I even messaged him, “Bored of me, trying to escape ( with a laughing emoji, obviously)”. 

I didn’t got back any reply nor did he came online that day. That was when I realized that even though its been just few days, I have started to really love this part of the day when I get to talk to him. I started to question myself is it because he is my friend or is it because I really have started to like him. But then I thought maybe its too soon for anything like this to happen so then its just friendship. 

But I was completely wrong and it didn’t took me long to get to this conclusion when the next day I couldn’t resist calling him. Not just that throughout our call, I felt butterflies in the stomach, maybe I was feeling a bit shy too(even though we were just talking on the phone). I was acting soo stupid that I think I even made him suspicious of the fact that there are some feelings budding in my heart. But after he offered to a drive home after work even though his office is far off from mine, I think those feelings were on  both the sides. 

That day he didn’t just gave a ride back home, we also went for a coffee and after a lot discussion for dinner too. I know the things were happening a bit fast, or may really fast, but we both couldn’t help it, we really enjoyed each other’s company and this became like a daily ritual. 

This happened for an entire year, ujtil destiny forced us to do something about this unnamed relationship. So my parents decided to look for a groom for me, I just randomly told him about this and he definitely didn’t liked the fact and he started acting really crazy and for the first time we actually got into a real fight, we didn’t met each other for about two weeks. 

I was really sad but really confused too, I just didn’t knew what to do about it. I called him but he was still mad about the whole thing,so we again fought and said really mean things to each other. 

But obviously the god had other plans and there he was on his knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. While on the other hand I just couldn’t stop crying. That very moment I  fell madly in love with him. Not just that, I spent hours crying and simultaneously saying”I love you”, that day we kissed about a hundred times. 
Sometimes sitting by this huge window in our bedroom, I think about the days when I along with all my girl friends used to wonder where are soulmates would be, me completely unknown from the fact that he was always around me in the school. So there we are after 11 years of marriage and we both are still madly in love with each other. Everday I feel grateful for having a best friend for life who is also my husband. 

This is my first story ever, I hope you enjoyed reading it.  I would love to hear feedbacks from you. 

—Thank you. 


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