Have you ever come across such a person, with whom you feel like she/he is the one for me, but refrained yourself from taking things to a next level because you thought that maybe its not the right time and you should be focusing on your career or basically anything which stopped you from confessing your feelings. 

Well, I have had these thoughts sometimes and now I have found a solution for it. I have said to myself that “Wait, be patient, if he is the one for me, he will stay in my life after I have kind of settled a bit career wise and then if I still feel the same about him I will definitely give it a shot.” 

If we don’t stay in touch, then I probably have someone better out there, still waiting to come in my life. 

You may feel that this is selfish of me but I have always been the believer of the fact that to enjoy life to its fullest you need to take it step-by-step. Steps being:-

-> Education 

-> Career 

-> Love 

-> Marriage 
Now if I skip to the love part, then maybe years down the line I may regret not been able to afford all the necessities for my kids,not being able to afford a vacation for me or anything I have always wished to give them. 

Obviously, I can never be sure of this either but atleast if I concentrate on making my career right now, I will never have any regrets later.
Now that’s what my opinion is about this issue but I would love to hear what you guys about it, please do let me know. 

I will be waiting! 

Thank you. 


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