Dreams we all live for… 

This world is soo beautiful yet soo diverse. 

Here I worship a cow and there it satisfies your hunger. 

Here I wear white at a funeral and there you look beautiful in a white gown at your wedding. 

Soo unique. 

Lucky are those who see it all, who get to capture these beautiful diverse things in their memories forever. 

We have hill stations, we have snow cladded places, we have deserts, we have beaches. There’s soo much of variety to lure your eyes on. 

Lucky are those who never live in a same place for more than a month, for they are really gathering experiences, worth having. They get to see the sweet and simple life of peasants, working hard to survive. While on the other hand if they get lucky they can also have a extravagant feast at a Palace, see the life of luxury and comfort. 

These are the dreams I have

These are the dreams I wanna live. 

When can I get a get a chance oh lord! 

When is my life going to go that way, 

Where I wake up at a different place every day, 

Where I eat staple food one day and enjoy the luxury the other. 

Happy I am right now, but looking for more. 

When is my life going to go that way, oh lord! 

I will soon be courageous enough to take chances and give it all to live my dreams. 

I know I am going to take a chance very soon, everyone who loves me will understand for this will give me the satisfaction I am looking for. 

I will have no regrets on my death bed, but only stories, experiences, to share even if I fail, I will be happy because atleast I gave myself a chance. 

Thank you guys for reading and if you too have a dream make sure you give it a chance, atleast after all the hardwork, you definitely owe this to yourself. Even if you fail,you will learn something new, and you can start the things from a new end. 

So go live your dreams.😘


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