To you sweetheart….. 

I will see you at my wedding ,
When your  eyes will be popping out with tears. 

How will you hide yourself then, when you will have no choice but to wish me a goodbye. 

Those memories will play in a flashback while you see me ride away in a marital bliss. 

You know I will be the most beautiful bride you have ever seen, even though you have called me ugly a thousand times. 

You will miss my taunts, you will miss my craziness, for then you will realise I was your second mom. 

You will miss your best friend, you will miss your secret keeper, for now she has to go and be someone else’s home maker.  

Of course you can always call me, but you will yearn for my presence when you want a more cooler version of mom by your side. 

You will be insecure since I will get a new best friend who is taking me away from you but remember  you will always be my irreplaceable  baby brother. I will call you for gossip, I will call you for help, you always be my first go-to friend. 
But don’t you fear you will realise my importance, and soon the distance will make no fear. 


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