Key to success…. 

​Confidence acts as a mask.

It gives a person impression of a spark.

“Confidence is the key to success”, they say.

Confidence itself is the success, I believe. 

It will hide your imperfections, it will hide your scars. 

It will seal your lows and will highlight your pros. 

It is what you need darling, to fool your foes.

You will achieve everything with confidence in your stride. 

The world will abide to your decision, you just need to follow your intuition. 

Show them who you are without having to speak for yourself. 

Let your persona make noise for thyself. 

Its a universal language. 

So make a bouquet of your success and keep it on display on those beautiful hands. 

Do give it a try, my friend, but remember confidence comes from within. 

So always keep a check on what you think. 

Because that makes the difference. 

Other’s opinions are just another thing you should not be interested in. 

I can do it. 

I will do it. 

Is what I call confidence. 

You don’t need to practice it since it comes from within. 

So make yourself the priority every second .  

Show off to the world how strong you are. 

But do not forget your roots for they define who you are. 

At the end the only thing you need is just a little belief in yourself and a cake to binge on for the rest of the weekend. 


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