Thank you, mom. 

I don’t know what all things to thank you for 
Where to start, since each cell of my body is where it is due to you. 
Your constant sacrifices, your constant love. 

Has shaped me beautifully. 

I know I don’t say this often, but today I want to let it out, “You are the most important person in my life, mom”. 

I love you from the very bottom of my heart. 

But I know I will never be able to love you as much as you do. 
You have given definition to true love, you have forever ignored your comfort to give us a comfortable life. You have shown how true love expects nothing but your time and attention, and in return it will give you everything like you have. 
I just feel soo good whenever you tell to people that I taught you how to ride a scooty or how to operate a computer, because I love how proud and special you feel at that time. 
I know I am not the best daughter, but you have always made me feel special. 

This not so good daughter definitely has the best mom.  

I am sorry for the days when I threw tantrums or had a little argument with you but even in all these situations you kept your calm. 

Even I want to become a mother one day, but I just get soo sacred mom, whenever I see how giving is the mother’s nature, even after coming home tired, you happily want to spend time with us, listen to our crazy talks. 

I don’t think if I will ever be able to do this. 
You always say that I am your better version but mom I don’t think I can ever compete with you in that matter. If I ever become even half of what you are today, I will be more than happy. I am absolutely nothing in front of you. 

I still remember those days when you woke up all night with me during my board exams. There have been so many times when I gave up, but you were always there behind my back to get me back on the track. How do you always know what exactly to say when I am depressed that will give me hope? 
Mom, in the end I want to thank you for everything, I know I have made you proud, but I also want you to know that today wherever I am it is  only because you have given me a beautiful childhood. I want to dedicate my achievements to you,since you are the reason behind them. 

You are definitely the God’s best creation. 


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