I do. 

Marriages are so heavenly,

You promise each other to be there forever,in sickness and in health. 

You submit yourself to someone solely based on the trust you two have. 

You are both happy and scared for you don’t know how its gonna end,whether you both will die hand in hand or few years down the line filing for a divorce, regretting your decision. 

Its a huge risk but how beautiful it is that the lovers happily take it. 

Some are scared to marry,  even though it is definitely frightening to promise someone your whole life, but I think we all just need to find that one person for whom we are ready to take a chance. Someone who makes you excited about the fact that after marriage you get to see each other’s face first thing in the morning and that will make a good start to your day.

Its a promise to chose each other even on the days when you struggle to like each other. 


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