Bye, dear friend. 

You used me, 

You played with my feelings. 

Thinking I will always be there. 
Even though it disgusts me to say this, you were right. 

But baby, I am back in my senses now. 
I will prove you wrong. 

By simply ignoring your presence on this earth. 

I don’t except an apology, because I was stupid and I owe an apology to myself. 

For investing my time in a douchebag like you. 
I don’t except anything from you now, soon I am gonna forget that you even existed in my life. 
I don’t want your explanations because they just don’t matter now, that love for you has disappeared because you have proved me how unworthy you are to be given even a second of my attention. 
Even after all this, I have no regrets or any harsh feelings for you because you were a lesson of my life, which has taught me to chose people wisely. Now since, your part is over I will simply throw you out of my life and make space for someone better who deserves to be there. 

Bye, dear friend. 


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