Recipe for success… 

Does it bother you when see your counterparts knowing their goals? Do you feel sad when you see your friends have it all planned for their future while u on the other hand is  just wandering around? Do you feel restless when u hear that some of the great people started at a very early age? 

Well these are certain emotions which almost each one of us in our teen goes through because that’s the age when we take your first big step towards our future. 

But its completely fine,  if you don’t know what to do yet because that just simply means that you  need a bit more brushing until you are finally ready to get started with your goal. 

Each one of us is going to end up doing something or the other for sure and the only thing which will determine our success is how much determination and hardwork we put into it.  

So just relax guys , enjoy this time and do whatever you are doing right now with full dedication even if it doesn’t seem to be your goal because you never know that it is what taking you closer to your ultimate goal. 

Everybody is living a different life,  so even if somebody discovered their goals way early as compared to you, its perfectly ok because you can always catch up with your hard work. 

So just go with the flow,  enjoy everyday because you  never know that your training for your future may begin from tomorrow. 😉

Even if you haven’t scored gud marks in 12th or you haven’t been able to get into your dream college, it’s OK, they can never decide your future. 

The only effect they will have is that your initial journey may be difficult as compared to those who have got it early. But then too its never too late, you can always catch up. Its ok if you weren’t serious about your goals back then,  if you enjoyed that time its just worth it, you can still achieve your dreams if you put in all your efforts now. 

Do not forget that these huge companies just want desired work, so if you can provide them with they want then they don’t care about how much u scored or how well u were back in school. I know its not that easy as it may sound, but trust me its not impossible. It will be difficult but then is there anything in life that’s easy?, so just forget about the rest and do your best. 

Most importantly never judge yourself because you have others to do that, if you are happy doing something and you know its going to be helpful for your future, then just do it, trust yourself, you have already come so far then why are u getting scared? Even if you fail, its not a big deal! Atleast u learned something, because failure always teaches u much more than success, those lessons will come in handy because now u already know what not to do next time u try. ☺️

You can achieve everything in life, i repeat EVERYTHING, with sheer hardwork.  Everyone sees when you are dedicated towards your work,  your passion is clearly evident in the results,  and that is something everybody wants, and that my friend is the only ingredient u will ever need for this delicious dish called success. 😘

This is one of the most important lesson which life has taught me. 


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