Save yourself for someone who is truly yours… 

We are falling in love with the wrong person, shedding those precious tears over someone who is neither aware about it nor  cares about it. 

Why are we letting another person distract us from our dreams?

There was a time when you had so much to achieve, why have you given those meaningful dreams a backseat for someone who is least cared about you. 

Why are we actually worrying about falling in love with the wrong person or not getting attention from the person from whom we want the most or maybe about still being single ? 

Guys,let’s just not forget that we all are destined to have a soulmate. So somewhere in the other part of the world he is already there and he is all yours. He is the man whom you are looking for in very other boy you see, he is the one who is going to make your love story complete, so do not spoil your mood over these petty matters bcoz once he comes into your life all these things are going to be just meaningless. 

Just wait for the pieces to fall into place and   if you are afraid about the fact that how will you get to know that he is the one? Well darling, that’s the best thing about fate, everthing is already planned, you will not have to run after him, he will come to u at the perfect time and will make everything seem magical. 

So just stop worrying about your LOVE LIFE because the person who is going to get  LOVE into your life is still not there so for the time being you are left with LIFE and therefore just enjoy it, fulfill your dreams and work upon your talents. 

Even if you feel that the person around you is the one just let it be because as I said if he is the one then things will automatically work with both of u. 

Don’t settle for someone because that will never bring you any happiness and among the slot God has saved the best one for you and as you know that good things takes time, so just be patient and wait for your prince charming. 


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