I am waiting…. 

Why is everything giving me blues? 
Why do I feel soo restless? 

Where can i find my inner peace? 

Why did I even grow up? 
Suddenly everything just seems so difficult to cope up with. 

Missing those strangers whom I once called my friends . 

Faking a smile throughout the day and hiding the emptiness of my life behind the closed doors of my room. 

On days like these being grateful about anything seems soo difficult because this pain is just unbearable. I am exhausted of being strong, now i just want someone infront of whom i can cry my lungs out, someone who complements my imperfections. 

I need you right now,please come and be my sunlight. 

I have been patiently waiting for such a long time but now i can’t wait anymore, this urge to meet you is consuming me from inside. 

I m tired of seeking you in any every other man I see. 

They say that soulmates are connected by heart, if it’s true then why aren’t you listening? I want you to be my strength, my everything so please come into my life as soon as possible and brighten it up like once it used to be. 

I want to feel that kind of love which you see in movie, where distance means nothing, where a single person becomes your whole world. I want to give my everything to you, be all yours forever and ever. 

I will be waiting….. 


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