Happiness in disguise 

One can never be satisfied from his life if he only considers the things which are not going right,  for we never achieve everything. There are always certain things which are not according to our liking. 
Many a times it becomes the reason for our unhappiness. There are times when we are not able to mould situations the way we want,  and we have to settle for the unwanted things, thinking about which brings us displeasure. 

But we fail to understand that it can be a wonderful stroke of luck, for God has even better plans for our future. He wants you to experience beautiful things which you may have not even thought exists. He wants you to touch the sun when u knew nothing above sky. 

Whenever u feel restless about things not being under your control,  close your eyes,  say your prayers and then just say “I trust you”. If u did this whole heartedly you will find yourself much more relieved because u have told yourself that there is a reason behind the situation you are currently in and you going to try and look through it to discover your final destination which is surely going to be better than you had ever thought. 

So just trust his timings, the difficult pathway u are going to right now is going to lead you where you belong,  where you are destined to be, it may be completely different from what you thought but it is going to give you happiness you never thought. 

Even after discovering that place you may see that not all things are perfect or rather to your liking. But do not fear bcoz this is life one roads opens to another, you achieve one thing and you have to start pursuing the other. 

It may seem so tiring and indeed it is and that is why God created family who are going to give you support, who are going to be your reason to achieve great in life. There maybe  times when there are going to be disputes within the family, you have to clear those disputes bcoz they are the only ones who are going to be constant throughout this journey,others are mere lessons or sometimes even angels to get you to the right path or help you out. 

So just trust him,  bcoz u are in the safest hands and he has everything beautiful planned for u after this tiring path you are going through. 

Even after all this don’t forget to enjoy where you currently are,  even if 1000 things are not right do not neglect little pleasures of life, for they signify what you have achieved so far. 

They can be in the form of friends or little moments you spend with your family, it can be anything which gives you happiness. 

Lastly, whenever in confusion always listen to your heart bcoz that is where you receive messages sent by God. 😊


               “Except the unexpected “


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